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JANUARY 29, 2011

Leading Technology Companies Combine to help Roofers at the 2011 International Roofing Expo

Growing profits through technology will be the focus of these show-floor educational sessions.

(Las Vegas, NV)- This year will be a little different at the International Roofing Expo. Technology leaders have combined forces to help roofing contractors be more organized and profitable. The TechKnowHow Pavilion is a place where roofing contractors can see and learn about available products, which can help enhance their business practices. Presentations run from 11:15 am through 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 16 and Thursday, February 17. Friday, February 18 will feature product demonstrations from 11:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m.

When Chris Barrow, president of Eagleview Technologies asked CEO of Richard Spanton Jr. if he wanted to be part of this team of industry professionals, the answer was without hesitation; Yes. “This is a chance for everyday roofers to meet with technology leaders and ask questions about the products that will shape the future of our industry”, says Spanton. is the industry leader in web-based roofing management software, which features CRM, Roof Sketch, Eagleview and HailWatch integration, Estimating, Scheduling and more. is set to unveil its iPhone, iPad and Droid applications at this year’s expo as well. Spanton says, “With technology moving so fast, it is imperative that roofing contractors know what tools are available for them to dominate their markets and win more jobs”.

There are eight companies at the TechKnowHow Pavilion in 2011 including: Eagleview Technologies,, Allied Building Products, AppliCad, Roofing Contractor Marketing, Estimators on Call, HailWatch, and Roofing Contractor Magazine. Twenty minute educational presentations are scheduled during show hours on Wednesday and Thursday, beginning at 11:15 each day. Friday will feature product demonstrations.


· Close More Jobs Using Aerial Measurement Technology as a Sales Tool

· Pump Up Your Productivity Through CRM and management software

· Save Money with e-‐Commerce

· Get More Leads with Higher Internet Search Rankings

· Drive Growth Using Weather Technology

· Accuracy Through 3D Technology

Live presentations and demonstrations on the show floor, booth 750, at the International Roofing Expo 2011.

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Friday, February 13, 2009 2009 International Roofing Expo Hit! unveiled it's new 100% web-based software as a service at the International Roofing Expo at Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas 2-5-09.

Read about below and how it can revolutionize your construction or trade based business.

The most important aspect in the business cycle is the efficient retention and tracking of future, current and past sources of revenue. In the construction industry this equates to prospective customers. AccuLynx tracks, regenerates, searches, and sorts customers by numerous characteristics such as location, date assignments, progress status, and even the marketing technique used to retrieve that customer. By strategically marketing the demographics with the techniques proven by your customers to work, you can avoid costly marketing mistakes and increase return on investment in focused areas.

In sales & service industries the direct proposal submitted to a customer can be an informative way to market your company as well as present them with descriptions and costs of services to be performed. The AccuLynx estimating module allows the user the ability to create an estimate in an informative and professional manner while simultaneously presenting the estimator with a profit analysis of the items chosen. With AccuLynx , you don’t have to wait until the job is complete to know your profit, the estimate summary preserves your income before ever presenting a bid.

Mapping prospective customers with current and past customers offers a powerful insight to customer demographics before a prospect is even visited. Home size, economic variables, and regional tendencies can all be derived at the glance of the screen before ever making the appointment. Strategically place your reps, plan your day, and retrieve directions by using this easy to use application of AccuLynx.

One of the most difficult aspects of the contracting industry is the ability to multi task sales, construction, and customer service. By incorporating an efficient planning function in your business you can literally “buy more time”. Integrated with the dashboard page, the AccuLynx calendar function allows you to see your pending appointments throughout your day without having to ever check an appointment book. AccuLynx allows sharing of calendars with your entire team to keep up to date on everyone’s activities and commitments.

Never encounter overlapping reps with this function in AccuLynx. Choose the optional "Nearby Function" and see who handled previous customers in the area of the new prospect. Assign your Reps and Field staff in the most strategically manner possible with the AccuLynx prospect assignment method.

Your reps will see their new leads as soon as they are saved by your receptionists or mangers without the need for printing lead sheets and filing into in-boxes, just click to save and it is filed in your reps prospect list.

As a business grows so does the need to archive documents such as contracts, invoices, warranty paperwork, etc. Keep all of these items as well as before & after pictures, material bills, and permits in the AccuLynx system without the worry of ever losing them again. Natural disasters, theft, or hard drive crashes are all worries of the past. Through AccuLynx's cloud computing on 3rd party hosts, you're data will never be compromised and can be easily retrieved from anywhere you can log on from.

Legible, accurate, and detailed Purchase Orders are a key component in properly ordering materials for the job. The work order module within AccuLynx allows you to auto-create directly from the estimate associated with a customer or easily create an order by choosing desired items from pull down menu's.

The Print-to-Fax option allows P.O.s to arrive at the fax machine of your favorite supplier at the click of a mouse. Avoid costly trips to the office supply store for ink & paper and never worry again about fax machine problems or printer jams.

The AccuLynx tracking system does away with spreadsheets, magnetic boards, or cumbersome filing techniques to track your project management. Your entire team can view the “project management” pages in real time to stay up to date on material delivery, crew schedules, and project completion. With the ability to be mobile, the AccuLynx system allows your project manager to complete daily tasks on site while checking quality of projects and crew safety. Never misplace an order again with the AccuLynx system.

A real time Accounts Receivable function is finally available with AccuLynx. Without the ability to accurately view customers that have all work complete, it is near impossible to determine how much money you're owed. The AccuLynx accounts receivable function shows a descriptive list of customers that have had all trades completed, along with the aging summary and the amount owed. Avoid improperly invoicing homeowners caused by clunky accounting systems and know exactly how much money you're truly owed at all times. You can also choose to filter by rep, date range, and map these customers.

A common problem is seeing at a glance the net profit as a job progresses. The AccuLynx Payments Tab offers a simple ledger to keep track of accounts receivable and accounts payable in an easy chart format. As payments are taken in from the customer and paid out to the suppliers & subcontractors, a net balance is generated to be sure you stay “in the black” on every job.

The AccuLynx Reports tab offers powerful graphical insight to sales totals, job status' and marketing returns without having to export data into spread sheet formats or using 3rd party graphing applications. See who is performing, your status of sales and where your money is best spent all at the click of a mouse. Filter all of these categories by date range or rep to dig further into your sales demographics.

The Profit Tab depicts levels of profitability at numerous levels. AccuLynx allows its users to see the margin of a job at the Estimate stage, once P.O's are entered, and after the job is paid in full. With the ability to analyze profitability throughout the job process, strategic planning, ordering, and billing changes can be adjusted to save costs on every project.

100% Web Based. With AccuLynx, the user never encounters cumbersome disks or downloads. Whether you are on your iPhone, PDA, Laptop, or Office PC you can access your AccuLynx data.

3rd Party Storage. AccuLynx uses state of the art cloud computing and off site storage in order to safely and secure your data without the possibility for crashing. Never again worry about fires, server crashes, or theft of your files. Once imputed into AccuLynx, your data, images, estimates, and financial's will forever be archived and retrievable.

Real Time Connectivity. AccuLynx connects all of your users via the web, so when data is imputed, team members can respond to it within minutes. New prospects are immediately entered into Field Reps CRM by management or administration, to ensure that customer is contacted before they ever call another contractor. Avoid timely phone calls to check on drop dates or check material specs as its all in front of you as the job progresses. By keeping your customers up to speed on their job, you will keep the trust you earned the day you signed their contract.

Logistics (Time & Fuel). AccuLynx Mapping and Logistical functions will save you time and money. Efficiently assigning reps via location helps keep reps in the field rather than caught in traffic. With fuel costs always on the rise, the ability to focus your time selling, rather than commuting, is a crucial component to success.

Savings on Supplies Printing and faxing P.O.'s are things of the past. The print to fax function will save you paper, time, and ink. Mistakes made on balance sheets and P.O.'s can be fixed through an edit function rather than recreating new paper documents.

Multi Leveled Profit Analysis. Seeing your estimated margin has never been so easy. Why wait until you order or complete a job to know your profit margin. AccuLynx estimating module offers a profit summary based on material costs and labor rates to give an accurate profit forecast. Profit summaries are also available at the P.O. and job completion levels to compare your estimating vs. your ordering. Tighten up your profits through these one of a kind powerful profit analysis tools.

Free Immediate Upgrades. As AccuLynx grows adding new features and functions, users will inherit these upgrades free of charge and immediately. An announcement and help module will accompany any new feature as well as 24 hour tech support to ensure users can incorporate their use with the next customer.

Q. What happens if I want to cancel?
A. AccuLynx has an export function to excel. If you chose to cancel your data can be exported at anytime for your permanent records at the click of a mouse.

Q. How do I ensure the security of my data, customers, etc.?
A. AccuLynx was written with secure encrypted code with the highest of security levels. Users are all given automatically generated passwords, once logged in these passwords can be changed by the user, just like an email or bank account. Your data is stored on numerous external servers and the possibility for unauthorized users to retrieve this data is near impossible.

Q. What size company should use AccuLynx?
A. AccuLynx was created as a solution to a business problem, not with size of company in mind. Whether you complete 50 jobs per year or 5,000, AccuLynx will work for you. Because it increases you profitability & efficiency per customer, it pays for itself with your first few customers and then you will exponentially benefit from it as your business grows.

Q. How do I get new updates?
A. The beauty of AccuLynx is that as we implement updates and new features, you get them for free. There is no need for ordering new disks, or getting product keys from us. You will see these new features immediately, with a notice of the new feature, and link to the online tutorial of how to use it.

Q. What if it crashes?
A. Because AccuLynx is a web based application, the software itself cannot crash. Your data will never be lost. There is the possibility of a server going down, but because it is a web based application, tech teams will have the application running again within minutes.